Alpha Dot Security Marking Kit


Each Alpha•Dot dispenser contains over a thousand tiny microdots, each one printed with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) registered to you.

The dots come in an easy to use glue-filled applicator, and are simply painted on with a small brush. Once applied the glue is virtually impossible to remove and is permanent, even against the severest weather conditions and lasts a lifetime.

The UK Police have 24/7 access to the registration database and if an Alpha•Dot is found on any stolen property The owner can be identified instantly – no need for time-consuming forensic analysis. Alpha•Dot evidence is regularly used to convict.

It’s simple but clever - whatever you mark, police only have to find ONE dot to find the owner and convict – the thief has to find them ALL to be safe from prosecution.

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Tech Specs
Brand Alpha Dot
Model Security Marking System
Engine Type n/a
Engine Capacity n/a
Cylinders n/a
Engine Stroke n/a
Cooling n/a
Valves n/a
Valves Per Cylinder n/a
Valve Configuration n/a
Compression Ratio n/a
Starter n/a
Fuel Type n/a
Transmission Type n/a
Number Of Speeds n/a
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) n/a
Wheels & Tyres:  
Front Tyre (Full Spec) n/a
Rear Tyre (Full Spec) n/a
Tyre Pressure (Front) n/a
Tyre Pressure (Rear) n/a
Front Brake Type n/a
Rear Brake Type n/a
Technical Specifications:  
Wheelbase (in/mm) n/a
Fuel Capacity (gal/l) n/a
Rated Max Power n/a
RPM n/a

Alpha•Dot is the world’s first microdot security marking system. For more than 15 years – it has been used to secure and protect home contents (high value goods, non-replaceable keepsakes and computer data), cars, vans and trucks, motorcycles and scooters and even pets and zoo animals (yes really). Alpha•Dot can secure almost everything you own, for as long as you own it.


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