Disc Lock Reminder


This is a simple product, but extremely effective. It's sole purpose is to remind you that you have a disc lock fitted to the front wheel. One end attaches to the disc lock, the other end attaches to your right handlebar to give you an easy visual indication that your lock is still fitted before you try riding away. It will fit many types of disc lock, so is extremely versatile. The way the coil retracts, ensures that it fits in your pocket easily, without taking up too much room. For the sake of just a few £££'s, you can rest assured that you're not going to look like a prat & ride off with your lock still fitted ;)

RRP £2.99 inc VAT @ 20%

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Tech Specs
Model Disc Lock Reminder
Engine Type n/a
Engine Capacity n/a
Cylinders n/a
Engine Stroke n/a
Cooling n/a
Valves n/a
Valves Per Cylinder n/a
Valve Configuration n/a
Compression Ratio n/a
Starter n/a
Fuel Type n/a
Transmission Type n/a
Number Of Speeds n/a
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) n/a
Wheels & Tyres:  
Front Tyre (Full Spec) n/a
Rear Tyre (Full Spec) n/a
Tyre Pressure (Front) n/a
Tyre Pressure (Rear) n/a
Front Brake Type n/a
Rear Brake Type n/a
Technical Specifications:  
Wheelbase (in/mm) n/a
Fuel Capacity (gal/l) n/a
Rated Max Power n/a
RPM n/a

Never ride off again with your disc lock on. This is a handy item to remind you that your disc lock is on


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