Lexmoto Motorcycles

If you ask most new motorcycle owners why they are learning to ride a scooter or motorcycle, then almost every answer that you receive will be related to the economy or the pure joy of riding. For many years, Lexmoto have been supplying scooters and motorcycles to the UK and beyond, and have seen the joy that their vehicles can give their riders, both new and experienced. They have also seen how the economic virtues of these vehicles severely cut daily commuting costs, and it is these two ideals that form the cornerstone of the Lexmoto philosophy.

Lexmoto firmly believe that everyone should be able to ride; whatever the age or ability. Not only this, but everyone should be able to afford to ride, and benefit from the exceptional fuel economy and running costs that their vehicles provide. Above all, everyone should love riding their bikes. It is with this passion that Lexmoto was formed, and it is put to use in everything they do; from sourcing the vehicles, to delivering them to you through their dealers.

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Lexmoto Adrenaline 125cc

The Adrenaline has come a long way since its launch, and has a pedigree for going the distance.

Lexmoto Aspire 125cc

The Aspire provides another great addition to the Lexmoto Range. Targeted as being the big brother to the Lexmoto ZSF the Aspire provides fantastic build quality that is ba ...

Lexmoto Assault 125cc

If your ride sees you encounter tricky terrain and challenging potholes then the Assault is going to be the bike for you. Built around a smooth 4 stroke overhead cam engine ...

Lexmoto Michigan 125cc

Experience the freedom of the open road with the Lexmoto Michigan. Offering superior build quality from a manufacturer associated with Harley Davidson the Michigan provides ...

Lexmoto Ranger 125cc

The high spec Ranger is a benchmark for industry quality.

Lexmoto Valiant 125cc

Motorcycling is a near spiritual experience. Feeling the wind flow around you as you carve a route through the rolling landscapes you can understand what it is to ride a mo ...

Lexmoto Venom 125cc

The latest bike to feature in the Lexmoto range the Lexmoto Venom presents itself as the must have bike for new riders. With stylish design which saw it achieve the status ...

Lexmoto Venom SE 125cc

The Lexmoto Venom has become the must have bike for new riders! We now Bring you the Special Edition (SE). With stylish design which saw it achieve the status as the first ...

Lexmoto XTRS 125cc

Having bested even premium priced opposition in UK magazine group tests the XTRS continues to build a loyal following.

Lexmoto ZSF 125cc

The ZSF provides yet more unbeatable value from the Lexmoto range! Inspired by the foundations of the early Yamaha YBR, the ZSF provides a Carb based alternative for the le ...

Lexmoto ZSX 125cc

The ZSX is Lexmotos flagship model.

Lexmoto ZSX-F 125cc

Lexmoto ZSX-F 125cc The new ZY125 engine delivers a fantastic smooth and ...

Lexmoto ZSX-F EFI

ZSX-F offers the best commuter option available on the market. The new ZY125 engine delivers a fantastic smooth and reliable performance whi ...

Lexmoto ZSX-R

Building on the success of the Honda CBF beating Lexmoto ZSX 125cc the ZSX-R provides an upgraded specification design to offer the best v ...