Suzuki GSX-S125


Your First True Streetbike - Meet the new lightweight king of the streets, the Suzuki GSX-S125. It has the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cc street sport class.

New GSX-S Engine - There is a science to building high-performance engines and the GSX-S125's single cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) is a perfect example of how to make a lot of power out of a very efficient and compact power plant. This power combines with strong torque and exceptional fuel economy, to create an engine worthy of the GSX-S marque, it powers the GSX-S to great performance on the streets and a lot more.

All New Chassis - The chassis design of the GSX-S125 is light and compact, giving the rider ultimate control on the streets for a fast and agile ride. For a street bike low weight is key, this helps deliver a bike with responsive and rewarding handling as well as added confidence on the street.

Lightweight ABS - The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is the latest Bosch ABS 10 base unit, which is the lightest and most compact two-channel ABS system on the market.¹ The sporty-looking petal-design 290mm front disc works with a dual-piston caliper and the 187mm petal-design rear disc works with a single-piston caliper, both delivering excellent braking performance.

Light Aluminium Wheels - Contributing to the bikes low weight are the 10 spoke cast aluminium wheels. Having light weight wheels helps ensure great handling, for a ride that’s fun and a machine that goes exactly where you want it to. The slim design of the spokes also adds to this GSX-S’s aggressive street looks, along with the sporty petal type brake discs front and rear.

Advanced Rider Technology - The GSX-S125 features some of our most advanced rider technology, including a shutter-key lock system and Suzuki Easy Start System.

Shutter-KeyLock System - The GSX-S125 features a convenient easy start ignition system with a shutter-key lock system. The key fob carries a unique, random magnetic code pattern which opens the shutter when the fob is lined up and pushed into a receiver on the ignition lock cover, and the ignition key can then be inserted into the lock and the ignition turned on.

Suzuki Easy Start System - The ECM on the GSX-S125 runs the one-touch Suzuki Easy Start system. The convenient Suzuki Easy Start System automatically starts the engine with one touch of the starter button mounted in the switch module on the right handlebar; there’s no need to hold the button down until the engine fires. Thanks to the new system, the rider doesn’t have to pull the clutch lever in to start the engine, as long as the transmission is in neutral.

Styled for the Streets    - The GSX-S125 has exciting, aggressive style that transforms it into a rolling work of motorcycle art. It starts at the front with a modern headlight cowl and instrument module, and continues with a sculpted fuel tank and extended upper side cowlings, plus a lower engine cowling. The tail section and side panels extend forward and reach underneath the fuel tank, unifying the design.

LED Lighting   - The GSX-S125 features vertically stacked LED headlights, with the low beam above the high beam, and position lights on each side of the headlight. The GSX-S125’s LED headlights are bright and compact, lighter and longer lasting compared to conventional halogen-bulb headlights seen on competing machines.

LCD Instruments - The GSX-S125 has a full LCD instrument panel set in a modern dashboard, framed by turn signal, neutral, hi-beam, coolant temperature, malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), ABS¹, and programmable engine-RPM indicator lights.

Colours: Solid Black (50% Gloss), Stronger Red/Titan Black, Metallic Tritan Blue

£3772.00 On The Road - Solid Black & Stronger Red/Titan Black

£3872.00 On The Road - Metallic Tritan Blue

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Tech Specs
Brand Suzuki
Model GSX-S125
Engine Type 4 Stroke DOHC
Engine Capacity 124cc
Cylinders Single Cylinder
Engine Stroke 4 Stroke
Cooling Liquid Cooled
Compression Ratio 110:1
Starter Electric
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission Type 6 Speed Constant Mesh
Number Of Speeds 6
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) 6
Wheels & Tyres:  
Front Tyre (Full Spec) 90/80-17M/C
Rear Tyre (Full Spec) 130/70-17M/C
Front Brake Type Disc (Petal)
Rear Brake Type Disc (Petal)
Technical Specifications:  
Wheelbase (in/mm) 1300mm
Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 11 Litres
Rated Max Power 11.0 kW @ 10000rpm (15PS)
RPM 11.50Nm @ 8000rpm (8.48lb.ft)†

A dependable, comfortable, nimble motorcycle that also delivers genuine Suzuki high-performance. It is made to handle city traffic jams while commuting to work during the week. And it is also an exciting motorcycle ready for fun rides into the countryside or even a track ride on weekends.